Annual Report of FINISHING SCHOOL 2020-21

Batch 1 and  Batch 2

Coordinator : Dr. Shuchi Tripathi 

Finishing School it is an Employability Enhancement Initiative of the Education Department, Government of Gujarat for imparting training on Skill development for students of Higher and Technical Education to make them Industry ready.

This project motto is to ready student for job in market ora. And prepared for some challenging scenario in job place. 

Now this year completed 4 batches of finishing school under guidance of Principal Dr. J.G.Rangiya sir and Co-ordinatior Dr. Shuchi Tripathi & Dr.Namrata Acharya. Total 100  students in two batches  are participated in this project and benefited. This year due to covid -19 situation online and offline both medium used for lectures .   In each batches 50 students were kept. All students’ and trainer’s attendance and  feedback were taken online.  More details are given batch wise  in following tables.