Grievance  Redressal  Mechanism

Government Commerce College Naroda established a Grievance Redressal Committee in accordance with the University Grants Commission regulations of 2012 (as per The Gazette of India, March 23-29, 2013) to ensure a fair and supportive academic and administrative environment. The committee adheres to national guidelines and college policies, addressing daily grievances of students, faculty, and staff. It operates transparently and confidentially, involving relevant college departments as needed. Stakeholders are encouraged to approach the committee directly or submit grievances online through the college website. The committee is dedicated to promptly resolving complaints with fairness and impartiality, fostering an environment conducive to learning and professional development at the premises of the college.

Objectives of the Grievance Cell:

  1. Develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all stakeholders to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the college.
  2. Establish an organizational framework to resolve grievances of students and other stakeholders effectively.
  3. Ensure a fair, impartial, and consistent mechanism for redressal of various issues faced by stakeholders.
  4. Uphold the dignity of the institution by fostering cordial student-student and student-teacher relationships.    
  5. Resolve grievances promptly, objectively, sensitively, and with complete confidentiality
  6. Respect the views of each grievant and respondent, ensuring no discrimination and victimization.

Functionality :

·   Promptly attend to grievances submitted by students.

·   Formally review all cases and take appropriate actions as per policy.

·    Provide regular reports to the college authority on handled cases and any pending

     cases needing higher authority guidance.

·   Ensure grievances are resolved within stipulated time limits set by the Grievance Cell.

Committee Of Grievance Redressal Year 19-23 PDF

Grievance Redressal Mechanismn Form